Who we are, what we do... (in english)

Left to right : Yacouba Sangaré, Patrick Ertel, and Emmanuel Bakary Daou,
the three musketeers at Espace Patrage Photo, in front of our shared workspace in Bamako.

Let's start with introducing ourselves, just like it's done in Africa.

The Espace Partage Photo (link) is a shared workspace dedicated to photography and video, founded in september 2011 by three photographers :

Yacouba Sangaré (link) runs a typical malian photo studio, close to the Wolofobugu market in Hamdallaye, just beside Espace Photo Pro. People come here to get passport photos, or have a picture taken of a new hairdo, or a new suit, or negotiate wedding or funeral photos. Yacouba is also a very proactive person in its neighbourhood, on issues like sanitation and education.

Emmanuel Bakary Daou (link) is an internationally renowned photojournalist. He has gathered numerous prizes, like World Press Photo, several nominations at the Bamako African Photography Encounters. His photos are exhibited in several museums and galleries. He also is an efficient and appreciated photo teacher. He directed several masterclasses.
Patrick Ertel (link) is a professional publicity and illustration photographer since 1971. He discovered Mali in 2006, runs photo workshops ther since 2007, and lives ther since 2009. Besides, he pursues his personal photo work in Mali. His present work in progress concerns the village of Lasa, a suburb of Bamako. The first pictures of this series has been exhibited during the "Rencontres de Bamako 2011", and a book of it has been published on Blurb : "Jours tranquilles à Lasa" (Quiet days in Lasa).    Click her to see the book.

At the Espace Partage Photo, photographers and video artists can come to work (on Macs), get information and teachings, connect to the internet, and more. We help them finding equipment, we organize classes for schoolchildren, photo students and professionals. It is a friendly place open to all picture lovers.

There are two ways to help us :

#1 - Check your drawers, in case there's an obsolete digital camera forgotten inside, in which case you might as well send it to us, so we can give it to photographers or to children photography workshops in Mali. 
#2 - Share our crowdfunding page on social media and by email, and If you can spare a dime, send it to us :
We accept all kinds of digital cameras and camcorders. According to their capacities, we will give them to schools, photo students or bush photographers.

You can send your gear to the adress in this page : 
Adresse d'expédition
If the shipping cost is a problem, please write to paje@no-log.org
We will manage a refund of shipping charges.

All donors will be listed on our donor page. If you don't want to be mentioned, please send an email.

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